JB Hawker Plays Lottery & Wins RM3 Million Jackpot, Plans For An Early Retirement

Recently, a hawker from Johor Bahru had the time of his life when he won himself a lottery worth RM3 million jackpot where he had collected the money from Big Sweep’s (大彩) main office. With that amount of money, one might wonder if the hawker has any thoughts of retiring earlier.

Your plans might be different if you win yourself the lottery but according to a report by China Press, the hawker has indeed planned to retire early! He has also been trying her luck for years and her persistence has definitely paid off. He also has a ‘soft spot’ for number games and in case you’re wondering, the lucky number that won him the jackpot was 7201305. However, the hawker has never rushed to check his numbers before this as he was initially doing this for fun. But after being persuaded by the ticket seller, the hawker finally checked his numbers via an application. To his surprise, he won himself RM3 million!

The hawker admitted that he always hoped he would be the next winner and this was definitely a dream come true. In terms of early retirement, the hawker said that his current plan is to retire from his job and in the meantime, he has yet to plan on what to do with his money.

‘My life will not change after winning the lottery. It’ll remain the same,’ the hawker said.

We can only dream of winning such an amount of money and retiring early. If you were the lucky winner, what do you plan to do with the prize? 

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