What is a GM8 Agent?

A great opportunity for those who like to order online and want to increase their income and then work with large organizations such as registering as a GM8 agent.

Join us GM8 Casino to find out details about this promising job and through this article will explain the important points of becoming an official agent here. Here’s the explanation.

GM8 agent is an interesting program offered by GM8 for those who want to earn extra income. So many people have collaborated with other people themselves, the website, and even made GM8 advertisements to read information.

No need to worry because GM8 agents will be responsible for promoting and providing information to talented or potential customers about services, policies, as well as home products on the GM8 website.

Furthermore, if you have become an agent here, you will have a lot of income as well as its own incentives. The way it works is to make money online to attract the interest of other users.

Is it important to be a GM8 agent and what are the benefits of being a GM8 agent? Here will discuss the advantages of being part of a partner in this big entertainment group in Asia, namely GM8 which consists of:

  • GM8 has a high enough commission discount for losing bets to betting customers.
  • GM8 is currently the most online betting game in Asia, so it attracts everyone interested in playing bets of all types of gambling games on the GM8 site for entertainment.
  • Being an agent has the right to check information and reports about commission as well as sales every day through face to face.
  • The investment level as an agent of GM8 is completely 0 so there is no need to worry about losing or failing capital.’
  • Many special promotions for agents when entering the code.
  • GM8 agent management will be responsible and help users or players get the job done properly.
  • Payment of commissions promptly and regularly.

A big advantage when combined with the GM8 site because doing business here will grow quickly. None other than because the GM8 agent market is currently very busy but still requires many agents to attract more gambling players.

Affiliate Program for GM8

Every business today is going online, and making money online has become one of the most reliable ways to create financial freedom in the 21st century. Here at GM8Asia, we welcome bloggers, YouTubers, Vloggers, and other creatives who want to use our affiliate marketing program to make some extra money. All you have to do is find creative ways of sharing a link to our website, and we shall pay you a commission when someone places a bet with us through your link. Lets now dig a little deeper on more details about this program.

What is GM8 Affiliate Program?

Like I have briefly described above, GM8 affiliate program is a partnership we make with different stakeholders who are willing to market our services using URL links to our website. In this case, you will refer online casino players to any of the games, and we shall pay a commission that will be a percentage of net profit they generate for us.

How to make Profits?

To get started making profits using GM8 affiliate program, you need to first of all register with us. To register for GM8 affiliate program, fill in the affiliate application form below, and provide all the information required. The information needed is just your username and password. You will also be able to see your automatically generated affiliate ID in the very last text box. Note down your affiliate ID because it will be needed at some point. This unique affiliate code is what differentiates you from the rest of our affiliate partners. For every link you share, our system will differentiate it from links from other partners using this unique code.

How to Start?

The best way to earn from this program is by creating creative content targeting online casino players. You can do this through a blog, a YouTube channel, podcasts, etc. If you choose to go for written content, you will have to create a website/blog where you can share content with your audience and then add links to our website. If you decide to go for Video content, you will most likely have to open a YouTube channel where you can share content about online casinos and then creatively request your audience to visit our website. Don’t forget to share the link to our site in your video description. For podcasts, you can choose to use your website, or any other well known audio platforms like Spotify or Apple podcasts. Pro Tip: Avoid spamming your audience with emails and messages containing our link as this will be a turn off to most of them.

How to Develop?

Developing your affiliate marketing business will largely depend on the following factors that you have to give your attention all the time.

1. Traffic that views your content: Your number one goal while starting to create content for this affiliate program is getting traffic to view your content on a more regular basis. Generating lots of traffic will give you more chances of getting conversion hence earning more commission at the end of the day.

2. The quality of traffic: Getting traffic alone is not enough to make you the money you need. What matters most is getting conversions. The quality of traffic is the ratio of conversions to the total number of people that view your content. You should monitor this ratio if you want to grow your business. If you realise the number of people that click the links and go-ahead to play games are few, then you may have to revise your target audience.

3. The net profit your referrals generate: The more the profit your referrals make for us, the more the commission you will earn. This means best referrals are those that stake higher sums of money, and as a marketer, you need to find creative ways of making your content get to such people.

How to Earn Commission?

Like I have shared above, the process you go through to earn a commission is pretty simple. Simply register with us by filling the below affiliate application form and then providing your information. After registering, our affiliation program executives will contact you within 3 working days. You will then share a link to our website within your creative content to direct your audience to our website. The commission you will earn will be as a result of the net profit the players you referred generate for GM8Asia.

How do you become a GM8 agent?

Being a part of GM8 agent is very simple compared to other bookmakers. The most important thing is in GM8 as long as the prospective agent can fulfill several requirements requested by GM8, strong enough to be able to make anyone as GM8 agent. As for some of the conditions, namely:
Provide information as quickly as necessary for GM8 users, e.g. password, GM8 username, e-mail, telephone number, currency used and others.
Agent management will contact GM8 users within 3 working days to approve and confirm participant agent registration requests.Bank accounts of agent owners or collective agents are required for commission payment transactions by transfer.Investors who wish to become GM8 agents must have their own website or forum, if there is no GM8 will review more closely and approval depends on the initial agreement visit to learn Agen Afiliasi GM8 Program.

How to make money for GM8 Agents?

Here GM8 will share extraordinary experiences for GM8 agents so that they have more suggestions to this site with the aim of increasing agent commissions including:
Ad Banner Set is a form of banner ad placement to attract GM8 players or users with a link to the player’s website or GM8 with large visitors every day.
Advertising websites can be in the form of news sites, social networks, running advertisements on youtube, because this method will be able to help agents get customers quickly but all of that will certainly cost a lot of money.
Investors are also not proactive in terms of placing the time and location when placing banner ads at their discretion.

Recommended for online & offline players or users

This form must be based on a user or player relationship. Agents can introduce products by word of mouth or through comments, equaling in groups in order to increase the number of potential users or other players.The above is some information about GM8 agents. This form begins to develop every day and is not limited to participants or potential users.

Commission Payment Method

Your commission will be paid using the following procedures
All Referral Commission Payments will be due and paid in the currency which was selected when your affiliate account was first set up (available for currency such as MYR / IDR and THB only).
The commission will be deposited into your bank account within 3 working days after the request of withdrawal is submitted.
There is a minimum amount of withdrawal (MYR100 / THB1000 / IDR1000). Any amount below this threshold will be carried forward to the next month.
We retain the right to change the Referral Commission percentage and method of calculation of the Referral Commission as we wish.
GM8Asia reserves the right to alter or amend and/ or add any of the terms mentioned above as we deemed fit.
GM8Asia reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point of time without prior notice in the event the affiliate’s performance does not meet our expected quotas at a given period.

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